Travelling by air is cheaper now than ever before. But the waiting in the airport, the delays and security can put a bummer on any trip if you don’t plan any activities to kill your time. Doing nothing on a flight is not good at all.

Here is a list of things you should never do on an Airplane.

Security-related – Important

 Do not threaten people and staff on a flight. Don’t suggest or indicate violence in any form and don’t play any practical jokes either. After 7/11, airlines have become strict with their sense of humor. So, don’t even think of any pranks on a flight.

Other things you should not do

1.Sitting or sleeping throughout the flight. Due to low air pressure in the cabin, blood circulation is not optimal. So, it is important to switch between sitting, sleeping and walking around. Take a stroll through the plane to help your body move the blood around.

  1. Binging on Alcohol. Some international flights provide a lot of alcohol on flights. While a little bit of booze is ok, don’t overdo it. Your body dehydrates a lot faster in the air than on the ground. If you drink too much, be prepared for an extremely painful hangover within a short time.
  2. Drinking water from the tap. Modern aeroplanes may look clean, but they carry germs and bacteria from all around the world. And they clean their water tanks only once in a while. If you are thirsty, ask for bottled water. Never ever drink tap water or coffee made from tap water.
  3. Walk barefoot. Aeroplanes have too many germs.Walking barefoot is an invitation for them to enter your body. Moreover, these germs may not be native to your country and thus you may not have immunity to them. So always use footwear even when walking inside the plane.

Keep these simple things in mind while flying and you will have an incident free travel.