What The Mile High Club? How To Join?

The mile high club refers to having sex on an airplane. It’s the act of flying in the air and having sex while flying. This is a sex act that many people fantasize about doing because it is not only thrilling but kind of hard to do since airplane bathroom Compartments are so small. You also don’t want to be seen or caught while in the act.

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How to Join the Mile High Club?

The mile high club is easy to join as all you need to do is to have sex in an airplane but it can be hard to pull off and for some, it’s not all that attractive. You will be having sex in a very small bathroom and for many, that’s simply not the ideal place to have any sort of sexual encounter. You also have to make it to the bathroom without anyone figuring out what is going on or why a couple is going into the bathroom area together.

How to Join the Mile High Club?

There a few ways to pull off sex on airplain  successfully. One thing that you need to do is to be very discreet about it so you don’t get caught. You could have one person go into the bathroom first and then the other one a short time later and you might not be noticed by anyone. One of the most successful ways is to take a night flight or “red eye” flight. Since this sort of flight is at night, many of the passengers are going to be asleep and you can go about your sinful act without anyone knowing what is going on.

The Kink

Having sex on an airplane can also be considered da kink or a turn on for some people as they like to have sex in daring places. If you like this sort of kink, try a site like Pornhub as they have airplane sex videos as well as the videos that depict people having sex in more daring locations than what would be considered normal. For other individuals having sex on an airplane might be on their bucket list of things that they want to do before they pass on from life so it can be a real thrill to accomplish this high in the air

What About if I’m Caught?

If you are caught in the act,  most flight attendants let it go. In the USA there is no prison sentence but it’s of course, frowned upon by the airlines. In some places like the UK will give you a prison sentence for this sort of sex act if caught but it has to be proven. Each country is different in terms of how their view a sex act on an airplane. Most people will not accomplish sex in the air and will watch these sorts of vidoes n sites like Pornhub instead but it’s fun to dream.